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In the U.S., at least three-fourths of people have some type of gum or periodontal disease. This infectious condition damages the gum tissues and jawbone. Whether someone has gingivitis or periodontitis, they need ongoing care, but often struggle to carry out at-home treatment effectively. When that happens, the gum disease worsens, and patients can suffer tooth loss, bone deterioration and other systemic diseases.

Now, however, you can use Perio Protect®, which is an at-home treatment that prevents periodontitis and gingivitis from getting worse. Along with in-office treatments, including regular teeth cleanings, this method can help you manage gum disease by keeping bacteria from building up and spreading in your mouth. Find out more when you visit one of our qualified Perio Protect dentists.

What’s the Perio Protect Approach?

Perio Protect is a comprehensive, but non-invasive, gum disease treatment. There’s no cure for gingivitis or periodontitis, so typical treatment is invasive, repeatedly reaching deep into the pockets to remove bacteria and damaged tissues. However, root planing, tooth scaling and surgery are often painful, leaving patients vulnerable to bacteria while their wounds heal—and the results are only temporary.

Backed by modern technology and proven research, Perio Protect treatment can eliminate the need for invasive procedures. It utilizes custom Perio Trays and a small amount of prescription medicine, which is a 1.7% concentration of hydrogen peroxide that thoroughly cleans the periodontal pockets where the bacteria build up. The trays are similar to mouthguards, but have a patented seal that holds the medication in the areas where it will most effectively kill bacteria deep below your gumline—and keep them from re-forming. The personalized trays enable the medication to reach where toothbrushes, mouthwashes and dental floss can’t, by preventing the medication from leaking out of the pockets and into your mouth.

How Long Does It Take for Perio Protect to Work?

The stage of your gum disease and the Perio Protect length of treatment will greatly affect when you’ll start seeing results. Our expert dentist will measure and create a mold of your mouth that will be sent to a lab. The lab will use the mold to create the internal seal in your Perio Trays. Next, we’ll determine how frequently and long that you’ll use the trays to manage the infection and attain the necessary Perio Protect results.

Initially, the dentist may instruct you to use the Perio Trays more than once a day until the bacteria in your mouth are under control. Then, we’ll be able to reduce how often you wear them so that the bacteria will stay under control between regular dental visits. This may consist of wearing the trays once a day for 10 to 15 minutes.

Perio Protect reviews by patients show that most of them notice results in just six months. Plus, research shows that 75% of patients report less gum bleeding, and the treatment reduces the occurrence of bacteria by as much as 90%. Make an appointment today to learn more about the results you can expect.

What Are the Advantages of Perio Protect?

Our dentists offer treatment with Perio Protect in Haverford, providing a range of benefits over the procedures that are typically used to manage gum disease. Most importantly, it’s more effective, more comfortable and less invasive. Even if you need surgery for initial treatment of gum disease, the trays are a great way to maintain the results and avoid further invasive procedures.

Because of its effectiveness, this treatment reduces your chances of developing other health problems, including respiratory disease, heart disease, colon cancer and Type 2 diabetes. And patients report having fresher breath and whiter teeth in their glowing Perio Protect reviews.

Do Perio Protect Dentists Undergo Special Training?

Not all dentists can provide Perio treatment. In fact, some dentists don’t yet know about this novel method. They must complete training to learn the abilities and limitations of the Perio Trays and medication. Dentists also learn how to incorporate the trays into existing treatment plans.

Will the Perio Protect Cost Be Affordable?

Since treatment with Perio Protect differs from person to person, there’s no set price. For example, your cost will depend on how often you wear the trays and how much medication you need. However, affordable Perio Protect is available from our dentists for a more accurate estimate of your Perio Protect cost.

Is Perio Protect Covered by Dental Insurance?

Your Perio Protect cost is also affected by your insurance policy. Talk to your insurance company to find out if code D5994 for Perio Protect treatment is included with your plan.

Can Anyone Use Perio Protect?

If you need treatment for gingivitis or periodontitis but want to avoid invasive procedures, Perio Protect in Haverford could be the ideal solution. Visit one of our highly trained Perio Protect dentists to determine if the treatment would meet your needs.

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